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Walkin California - Upcoming Episodes

Walkin California/Redwoods Show Promo

Join host Steve Weldon for a magical tour of the tallest trees in the World! Steve will hike through the old growth Redwoods of Redwood National and State Parks in far northern California. We'll learn how the Redwoods were saved from extinction and what it took to get it done over a hundred years ago.

Walkin California/Murphys Show Promo

Join Walkin' California host Steve Weldon as he hikes a small town California main street in charming Murphys, California Learn the history of how Murphys got on the map, from its famous inhabitants who shaped the town to the Gold Rush and now the winerys that abound! Of course we will let our taste buds be the judge!

Walkin California/Placerville Show Promo

Join Walkin' California host Steve Weldon as he walks the historic small town main street of Placerville, California. Steve will learn the history of the first gold strike in nearby Coloma and all that followed in the mid 1800's in Placerville. We will find out why they called it Hangtown and why a few years later it became Placerville! This is the real Wild Wild West!

Trans Catalina Trail

Join us as the crew and I take a boat ride from San Pedro, CA to Catalina Island, then hike the scenic Trans Catalina Trail from Two Harbors to Parsons Landing. Follow Steve as he camps at a secluded beach location and encounters everything from the infamous Bison to the Catalina California Quail. Steve will talk with folks from the Catalina Conservancy and discover interesting facts about the islands movie history and legacy on the island.

Yosemite Backpack Adventure

Show Host Steve Weldon and crew set out on an adventurous 30 mile 3 day backpacking trip from Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows to the Valley Floor. Join Steve as he explores Yosemite's high country and meets fellow hikers along the way. From blooming Lupines to glacial runoff and towering, gushing waterfalls, you will see it all! This is nature at its best on the John Muir Trail!