Meet Steve Weldon

Co-Producer / Creator

Steve Weldon has been in many businesses over the last 35 years, but the intention has always remained the same. His job has always been to put a smile on peoples faces whether it was from his days as a morning radio personality to being a stand-up comedian or as a restaurant owner. He has a passion for everything he tackles!

Steve began entertaining in his hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas when he was 16. He won a contest sponsored by Billboard Magazine for writing and recording his first record, "Carrie" in the early 70's. Weldon enjoyed statewide airplay and was hired as a radio announcer at the age of 17. He continued in radio while obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Drama from the University of Houston. Steve moved to Hollywood in 1980 to work as a character actor. Weldon tells folks, "I did real good! I drove from Texas to Hollywood in a $400 Plymouth and did so well I came back home in a $100,000 Greyhound!"

In 1983 Weldon moved back to Houston and got back into radio. He continued to be a radio personality until 2002 and still has a website called "The Morning Bit" where he writes and performs radio skits with radio morning shows around the country. Since leaving radio, Weldon has owned a successful Texas BBQ joint in Sonora, CA and a well known hot dog stand. He is also a substitute teacher in the county.

Weldon believes that by creating Walkin' California he can share his zest for life in hopes that others will do the same. Steve says, "Life's way too short to not squeeze every bit of joy out of it, every single day"! Walkin' California will be a great source of that joy.

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Meet Cameron Mitchell

Co-Producer / Director of Photography

Born & raised in the Midwest I've always had an affinity for the great outdoors, as it inspired me to capture it through photography. This in turn led me into a life long passion for capturing both still & moving imagery. Through my studies I obtained an Associate's Degree in photography and a Bachelor's Degree in film & television.

For 8 years I was the Director of Photography & Cameraman for the extremely popular show "California Gold" with host Huell Howser. During this time, I also shot "Road Trip" and many other shows with Huell for the Los Angeles PBS station. Over the years I have worked in both the Television and Film Industry as a Cameraman/Director of Photography/Producer & Director. This has included working on award winning documentaries, an Emmy Award for my camera work, and first place awards for a number of my original documentary films.

Cameron's work has also entailed traveling the globe shooting International Travel shows and documentaries. Working abroad I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with a variety of amazing people and cultures while creating beautiful visual content to tell each productions unique stories.

Currently I am working with the show creator Steve Weldon on an adventure hiking show called Walkin' California as it's Producer and Director of Photography. I'm confident that this show will inspire viewers to explore what our beautiful state is all about. My camera is ready. Join me as this new exploration of California starts here.

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Cell: 310-795-8216