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Walkin' California welcomes our new Co-sponsor, Chicken Ranch Casino!
The Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau Chicken Ranch Casino, Jamestown, CA

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Walkin' California

Walkin' California is about getting out of the office and off the couch and exploring all the diversity this incredible state has to offer.

We will take you from your living room to enjoy crystal clear mountain streams, Alpine meadows, the tallest Redwood trees in the World, and quaint small town Americana at its best! We will walk through well known National Parks and to many of California's hidden jewels! While exploring the geography of the state we will meet the interesting folks that proudly call our destinations "their" home. Our mission is to inspire our viewers to enjoy all the great outdoor life this state has to offer. Wherever we go, the special people we meet and the great outdoors will always be the stars of the show. Welcome to Walkin' California!

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